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Great Ocean Road Accommodation
/ beautiful surrounds / tennis court / rammed earth / relax in comfort

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Great Ocean Road Accommodation at Split Point Cottages

Split Point Cottages are a unique Great Ocean Road seaside experience. Located in the
coastal village of Aireys Inlet on the breathtaking Great Ocean Road, surrounded by
national parks and a stone's throw from Australia's most coveted beaches. Split Point
Cottages is a stunning place for that short break or escape. Set amongst beautiful,
unspoilt, native surroundings our contemporary,


fully insulated rammed earth cottages boast completely modern facilities. Choose from
numerous activities such as surfing on our abundant beaches or try Bells Beach. Take a
hike in the Otways or lunch in Lorne, whatever your preferred leisure, Split Point
Cottages is the perfect holiday haven on the Great Ocean Road, for summer or winter.